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 The municipal Park

The park in Lučenec (which used to be Elizabeth´s Park, Cultural and Leisure Park) was established in 1884. It lies at an altitude of 200 m and spreads across an area of 17 hectares. In this area thre are 65 species of threes, 35 exotic species and 10 coniferious species. During the building of the park French, English and free-landscape-garden styles were used. There is a pond here. It originally used to be a swimming pool for the army, later a place for little boats, and in winter a place for ice-skating. Next to the pond there is a rose orchard. The history of this part of the park shows that originally it was a French type park with a rose orchard and fountain. At the entrance there are pergolas with many rose shrubs and benches to relax on. The chestnut alley is designed in the English garden style, the horse chestnut threes are planted in a circle, which is surrounded by many benches for relaxation. In the middle of this area you can see a small hillock where ornamental plants are planted in summer.


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