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Big textile and engineering plants, the most important employees in the past have been nearly dissolved and rich geological supplies of building materials make a prerequisite for the tradition in one of the oldest industrial branches – the building material industry together with further exploitation of so-called modern minerals that belong together with building materials to silicates. Another important industrial branch is foodprocessing industry. Since 1980 food processing industry and building material industry remain the key branches of the industrial structure of the territory. Diversification is the characteristic feature for the industry in the region, but the main, profile plants binding further development of industrial complexes of the region are missing. Capacity for industry development is not used at all.

In the town there are conditions for development of industries using their own resources – qualified
manpower (after completion of education – languages and computer techniques) – e.g. food processing and textile industry, using their own natural sources of the region and locality of the region (wood, non-ore material) – sub-supplies for automobile industry – considering the locality and current orientation of economy of Slovakia. From the view of added value in the town there were functioning businesses that formed higher added value (e.g. furniture industry). At the moment there are some wood processing industries in the town but not with the same level of product finalization. This kind of re-classification has also negative effect on region development.

Secondary raw materials are also resources of the town, which can be used for industrial development.


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