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With small walk around town we invite you to places that are worth a look. 

You are very welcome!


 Architectural gems are captivating

The beautiful contemporary buildings of the former town houses with richly decorated facades line the T. G. Masaryk street. Banks, department stores and Novohrad library reside here.


Square in the monument zone

The heart of the historical center is Kubínyi Square, which was created from the original marketplace, probably in the Middle Ages. Two churches and historical buildings of Reduta and Town Hall dominate the Square. Rectangular shape of the square is enclosed by richly decorated old town houses.






Precious, renaissance golden treasure

Lovers of history and art should not avoid Novohrad museum and gallery, where the valuable collection items of cultural heritage of the Novohrad region are kept. Lučenec treasure of gold jewelry and ornaments burial vestments of 16-17 century, which was found in 1851 in the underground Calvinist church belongs to the historically valuable gems. Today it is kept in the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest.






The church hides many secrets

The Calvinist church built in 1853 is considered as one of the most beautiful neo-Gothic buildings in Slovakia. Its dominance in the city is enhanced by position that combines three historic streets - T. G. Masaryk, J. Vajansky and J. Karman. The rotatory rooster made of copper with gold-plated ridge placed on 64 meter high church tower points wind direction to the people of the city and is a symbol of vigilance and alertness.


Modern meets history

Cultural and social life of the city is concentrated in the historic building of Reduta since 1856. Walking along the historic passage and the staircase with a gallery of rare paintings, in addition to the wide range of culinary specialities of local and national cuisine attract many visitors and quests. Café of Franz Lehár who worked there in 1890- the 1894, reminds of the atmosphere of the former grand dinners and balls.






The remains of Jewish culture

Part of Lučenec history is also Jewish community. Its dominant position in the city had influence on all the cultural and social life. Presence of the Jewish community reminds today splendid, but decaying Synagogue built in 1925, which was preserved as one of the three and two gravestones in Jewish cemeteries.



It was named after its owners

To the Fiľakovo direction next to the main road, Szillassyho mansion can not be overlooked. Although currently unused, its historical value is preserved thanks to original extensive park with rare flora and the group of protected trees Platanus hispanica.


An oasis of relaxation and rest

Several rest areas with a lot of green trees can be found in every part of town. But if you want to sit and relax in beautiful natural scenery, visit one of the most beautiful parks in Slovakia, build in French, English and landscape garden style. You will be surprised not only by many rare trees brought from exotic countries, artificial pond with floating swans, and a mini zoo, but also by a number of benches, summer houses and sitting in the garden restaurant.



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